Reasons to buy from us

Reasons to shop with us


    We are passionate about bringing you the most beautiful gemstones jewelry and stylish fashionable pieces at high quality and great prices. 

    I design and make some of the jewelry pieces myself and for the rest, I work with select few Jewelry designers and craftsmen in the US, UK, China, Australia and Indonesia to help them make a living and support the local communities. 

    Our Purpose

    We are passionate about protecting our Mother Earth and we wish to donate 30% of our earnings to the Environmental protection charities but we can't afford this just yet. With your help we can make a difference. Thank you in advance for your faith in us.

    Second cause that is very personal to my heart is empowering women and helping them heal. I have personally gone through some pretty tough time in my life and I can relate to a lot of women who have almost lost hope. Having been at the bottom myself, I thank all of the beautiful souls who I've met on my journey who have helped me to heal and pursue my dreams. I want to do the same for others as there is nothing that fills your soul more than helping someone in need. My company is only small but it has a big heart. 

    I will be posting the causes we will support on my You tube channel. I want to empower individuals and charities with great mission and my desire is for the money to go to the people who actually need it on the ground and not to the corporate admin offices. If you would like to collaborate with me, please reach out to me on Thank you and I look forward to hearing form you. 



    Our packaging is down to earth and humble as we choose to invest into the meaningful creation of the product and bring you the best possible quality and prices. The magic is in the product itself. We trust you'll enjoy wearing it, feel empowered, protected and blessed by the whole Universe. 

    Why to buy from us?


    Much love and blessings, 

    Mon Grace B. xx


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