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Who we are

We are a socially-minded online business (not a charity) whose founders are passionate about protecting the Nature and raising Consciousness of the planet to create a healthy and beautiful environment for all of us to enjoy.

We raise awareness about issues affecting our Nature including Global warming, overfishing and environmental pollution to do our bit for our planet.

We also aim to help raise the Consciousness through sharing information around Mindset Transformation to help people ascend, share their gifts and gain freedom. We deeply care about our planet and people and believe that together we can make a difference to our environment. 

We run an online shop of products featuring natural gemstones jewelry, yoga & fitness, handmade custom fashion and handmade prints to create a healthy and a beautiful lifestyle. 

We have over 300 happy customers and pride ourselves on first-class customer service. If you'd like to get in contact with us, just use your Contact page or the Messenger service on our Facebook page and we'll be pleased to assist you in every query. 


Our Collections

Our products include handmade and personalized prints, natural gemstone jewelry, unique t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies as well as select travel and yoga products to inspire a healthy and beautiful lifestyle. 

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PRINTS: Personalized, Handmade, Digital, Framed

MonGrace Prints

TOPS: Male - Female Unique T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies


JEWELRY: Gemstones, Silver, Gold-Plated, Unique 


YOGA & FITNESS: Apparel, Accessories


TRAVEL: Accessories, Hammocks, Gadgets, Luggage


Our Packaging

Most of our products are delivered in a standard down to earth basic packaging. Occasionally I run FREE giveaways on handmade or personalized products where I can add my personal touch to the packaging design. 

 Our Mission


Our mission is to be more than just an online company. We want to listen to every customer's needs and put a smile on your face when you wear one of our designs.



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